When Death Do Us Apart…

Flash back to those beautiful memories, perfect conversations, genuine exchange of emotions and some captured moments.


Déjà vu… Déjà vu of these painful incidences, surrounded by those pictures over and over again but, every time a different face.


Years pass by, a lot of beautiful spirits are flying to where they belong. It becomes more and more heart aching especially because of those young ones leaving us behind.


Dear beautiful heavenly spirits, if you only knew how you mean to others!

Beautiful spirits, if you could only stay for one more day, just to see how people feel when you are not there anymore!

If you only knew those sufferings you left behind… You wouldn’t want to go…


We, hypocrite people, we never learn the lesson! We never learn to appreciate someone before they are gone!


I’m sorry for our loss everyday…


Dear humans, dear earthly spirits, I am afraid to tell you that you will rarely know how much you mean to others, you will rarely listen to encouragements and words of affirmation, only when death do us apart…





In the memory of those young ones who left us behind.
Lina Wafik


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