Suddenly it’s December and another year is almost over! I hope someone out there has achieved this year’s resolution!

Few years ago, one of my resolutions was to always talk positively and tell people what I or others think about them and to only spread positive and faithful words.

Yes words have a powerful effect, we often forget! Words can crush but they can also create. Words can destroy someone’s hope and future but they can encourage and build too. They can regenerate broken bonds, erase distances, enrich relationships, they can make someone see what they don’t understand. Words connect and express. Words can also profess: they profess for a better future, for people’s lives, they profess for oneself’s life.

Today I encourage each reader to express, confess and profess. I encourage you to take time to spread peace, joy and positivity. I encourage you to build broken bonds, sincerely apologize, to boost energy and spread love. I believe that each spoken word counts. I hope you choose your words wisely for ONLY pure purposes and genuine expression.




This month, I will try to devote to spreading positive words because words are gifts, I hope you too could join the club. If you like this post share it and use your words wisely to express your care to someone special before it is too late. It’s OK you can blame it on me 😉

Lina Wafik



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