Falling in Love by Human Instinct


Falling in love is enchanting, it is following your heart. All you see is beauty, your lover is like sunshine, you always want to be there, to protect and hold.

Your lover is your strength, love keeps you alive, it keeps your heart beating, it meld your broken pieces, it gives you hope.

Love is addictive, love is blind. You follow someone, something you just ignore. You jump into the rivers of satisfaction that drive you crazy, lead you to places deep inside you that you have never reached before.

After you have achieved your goal, reached your lover’s heart and your thirst is quenched; this love obsession starts to fade. This excitement of achieving what is hard to get is gone. You start to see the beauty you once dreamt about as the norm. You begin to see differences as barriers, commitment becomes boring and problems begin to rise.

This is how you know you fell in love not by choice but by human instinct.




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  1. What a cute post about love!


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