My Journey with Writing

Today is my final day in 30 day blogging challenge with Sarah Arrow, so I wanted to share my journey with writing out loud.

I have always had this passion of expressing my thoughts and feelings with writing. I used to write in my diaries, on papers, in notebooks, on my phone… Anywhere! Every time a new thought pops up I had to write it down at the moment or else it may fade away. I have always been writing to express not to impress. I used to share my writing with only few special ones or ones who would relate.

I used to write quotes too. I had this dream of putting them in a booklet. After five years of valuable words expressed, I finally collected these quotes into a small booklet called “I think…” This was the first time I share publicly my inner thoughts.

Sharing feelings is sort of artistic relief that I have learned throughout the years. From unknown and mixed up feelings, to organized words to form a sort of art. Writing is not just an art, it is a cure from confusion. Expression by writing gives temporary satisfaction, gives you an idea about how you feel, it gets out messed up emotions or even delightful feelings.

One day I found the 30 day blogging challenge while trying to create an online blog to share my writings. I had no idea about blogging but this challenge with Sarah Arrow helped me a lot. She is my mentor in blogging from scratch, she was there every day sending me tips and encouraging me to continue what I have started. Today, I can proudly say I have got this far to create and understand how to blog in 30 day consecutively. It was hard to commit to write daily for a month but it was surely worth it. I thank everyone who encouraged me with words, likes, comments and shares, along the way. I am willing to continue posting often.

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